Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Digital Age without a Digital Classroom...

In Sara Kajder's book "Adolescents and Digital Literacies" chapter three talks about teaching in a digital age. there is no doubt that we are definitely living in a digital age and it seems necessary for us to teach with digital apparatuses. In many of our education classes we have learned how to use differnt technologies in order to teach students. Also, when we teach mini lessons in class (even without being instructed to use technology) we often use technology in the form of the internet or at least in the form of our projector systems, which we have become oh so familiar with. In chapter three, Kajder even mentioned how important it is to go to conferences and other workshops to learn the newest ways to use technology in our classrooms. Even so, I have to wonder, what happens if you get a job at a school that does not have technology? What if your school does not have the projector systems that we have become accustomed to, and instead they have the over head projectors with the transperancy sheets? This eliminates powerpoint presentations, the internet in class and even videos. With the way that students automatically connect with technology, do you think this would make students less engaged and do you think it would be harder for you as a teacher to teach your lessons?

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  1. Personally I think that it would be hard to adapt in situations such as this. It would likely be easier for us though that say someone that becomes a teacher in five years. I remember sometimes in high school when my teachers still used overhead projectors and transparency sheets. While I was in high school the school transitioned from chalk boards to dry erase boards. Then I remember during junior and senior year some teachers getting Smart-boards in their classrooms (very few.) I think that since we grew up some with the lack of technology it would be easier for us to adapt to a school like this rather than people that pursue teaching in the future. Although it would definitely be difficult I think I could manage- though the students would likely be less engaged unless we come up with something interactive for them to do.