Monday, February 6, 2012

My Discovery of The Literature Network

Well.... In my computer class (I forget the actual name of the class) we had to evaluate websites that we could use with a standard, (or something like that). During my search I found a nifty little site that I think could be very beneficial for English Teachers! It's an online database that basically contains "all of the classics." Online makes it easier to locate and go through works of literature. Also, it provides quizzes that you could potentially use in your classes. Students can take them online and it records their scores electronically. One more nice feature that it has is a forum for people to discuss different issues and topics. The fact that the literature can be read online opens up the opportunity to even project this on an overhead and have students read aloud in class. I just really liked this sight and see a lot of potential in it. :-) Oh here's the link:

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Tracey! I took a quick look at the website and it seems like a really, REALLY great resource for English teachers (or those studying literature). Having everything in one place is so nice as it gets overwhelming to have a million different websites, or Google searches, to go through to get what you're looking for when it comes to literature.