Monday, April 30, 2012

Resources (print, not nonprint)

Last week in another one of my classes, we took a field trip to the library. Before going, I was not really sure what to expect but I figured it would probably be something worthwhile. When we got there I discovered that there were actually many very helpful resources in that back section (2nd floor, very back area, to the left). As a fourth-year student I have walked past those shelves plenty of times, but I never stopped to look at what those shelves were holding. To my surprise there were tons of textbooks with relevant topics ranging from grammar to literature guides. I found a grammar textbook that I found particularly helpful because not only did it have informative information about the features of our language but it also had worksheets that could easily be scanned and used in classes. Now that I know about this resource section I will definitely be making use of it. I am especially excited because I will be student teaching next semester and we were told that we could take materials out for extended periods while student teaching. I am glad we used a class to explore that part of the library and I also plan to tell some of my friends about its existence so that they too can utilize it.

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