Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blogging in the Classroom

Well, as the semester winds down, and we've been blogging for about 8weeks or so, I feel that I've written enough blogs to decide whether or not I would want to incorporate blogging in my own classroom. While I personally am not a big fan of blogging, I think that it could be beneficial in the classroom, perhaps if students have a writing prompt. For me, the hardest part of blogging is figuring out what to write about. I always feel like it's such a task to write my blog every week, but I feel as though I wouldn't mind as much if there was a specific writing prompt that I could focus on. Every week I have to rack my brain, or google some information to write about and it really bothers me. I think it would be a lot easier to respond to a standard question or thought. However, that is just my personal opinion, but I think I might use blogging in my classroom with writing prompts.


  1. I doubt I'll incorporate blogs-- I would prefer to have weekly hard copies of a journal or something. That way I can sit there and write feedback on their stuff.
    The Jesse Jennings

  2. I like what blogging can do. It creates more interaction inside and outside the classroom but I can definitely understand what you mean when you say it's hard for you to figure out what to write about especially 8 weeks in. Blogging with a writing prompt could be good but then again students might not enjoy it if they don't like what they're being prompted to write about.

  3. Not that it is going to help you Tracey or Jesse, but since my teaching classes are only one night a week in the fall, I have decided that if I have them keep blogs, at least one of the entries would be about the readings, and the other would be free.

    I almost had you all use the discussion board on D2L to talk about readings, but I am truly not a fan of the linear nature of the discussion board. Also, I feel that you don't really have to read, as you can simply look at what others have said and comment.

    I really like blogs because they are more personal. You can present your identity. Look at the templates you each have. Some write in script, some use colors, some use images. Plus you can link to things, which in a class of this nature I thought was a great idea.

    I realize it's hard to come up with topics, so I value your feedback. All in all, though, I have really enjoyed reading these. I don't look at these each week and think "i have to grade" i read them and, they are really engaged in dialoguing about education!

  4. I have the same problem... There are some weeks that I have something to talk about and I don't mind blogging at all. But other weeks... I have no idea what to say