Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Mine as well read this..."

In one of my classes today, we had a "surprise guest speaker." She is a Slippery Rock University graduate, that was once a Secondary Ed. major, just like many of us. However, she switched her major to Student Affairs, which deals with all different aspects of students, outside of the classroom. Alongside her mother (who is an assistant principal at a school ? somewhere in Pennsylvania) she holds a workshop called "WRITING DANGEROUSLY" where they "make language come to life" and really engage students. She told us about how sick and tired she was of seeing things misspelled on #Twitter, even by college students. I can agree with her 100% on that issue. I have seen people say things like "I guess I mine as well go home" and "My auto correct keeps changing aint to ain't, why is it adding an apostrophe?" and "I'm so hungry, I think I'll get some Wendies." When you think about it, that is pretty pitiful, but who do we have to blame for this? She does not exactly BLAME high school teachers, but she does suggest that it is our job to make things right! Although this may be a very difficult task to accomplish, especially in schools where many teachers have, all but thrown in the towel and started TEACHING TO THE TEST. She tells us that by "making the language come to life for our students" we can make them gain a sense of appreciation for the English language. Once students have made a relationship with the language they will become better at understanding and practicing it. Although I am not yet teaching in a classroom, I truly do hope that I can impact my students and get them to enjoy the English language, in one way or another. That will be a giant task, but it is definitely one that I am willing to take on.

P.S. I feel like the #statestandards are to blame... #justsaying

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